Zacatecas, México.


Simplicity sometimes really is the greatest luxury. This becomes clear walking in the woods, under the shade of the trees in the beautiful brick road. The walk is always the same, but the experience never gets old. There's always a horse drying off after their shower, right in the middle after the first set of beautiful red-doored stables. The design is perfectly symmetrical, with horses running on either side of you as you make your way into the road and off to the edge of the pond. There is no sound like it. The splashing of water, fish swimming, geese quacking... then slowly the sounds start fading off as the woods surround you. After a short walk the road starts to broaden and a hidden stable is revealed to the left. This one is more rudimentary, the horses seem more free in between all the trees. They're the friendliest and most curious animals, trailing behind you to check you out almost as if they were pet dogs. If you continue down the same path, you'll find a third stable. This one is more open than the latter, allowing you to take in the light painting the clouds form on the deep blue mid-day sky. Time seems to stop here but suddenly it's time to go, with a full heart and already a feeling of nostalgia for wanting to return soon.

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